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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Russian Bronze at the first stage of the European Championship on sky running

The Russian team won a bronze prize at the first stage of European Championship on sky running. Janna Vokueva showed the best result.
The first stage of European Championship on sky running was completed in Swiss town, Poskiavo on June 12. Participants started from the Italian city, Valmalenso and finished in Switzerland. The very route was laid along the old smuggling path, and the athletes were being accompanied by picturesque views throughout the race.

595 participants from twelve European countries toed the starting line of SkyRace (the trace was 31 km long and 1850 m vertical). All the week before the start it was raining, and there was much more snow than usual, requiring a higher concentration of athletes on the slope. As a result, only 425 participants were able to finish.

Men's championship won Robert Krupichka from the Czech Republic, women’s — Oyana Cortazar, who had already won the second stage of the World Series Zegama in Spain on May 29. Krupichka already won the race three years ago and was determined to win that time. His result was 2:39.59, it was five minutes better than the Spaniard, Luis Hernando’s result who won the second price. The third runner, Mikhail Mamleev lobbied for Italy. Marco de Gasperi set the record (2:32.03).

27-year-old Cortazar from the beginning captured leadership and finished with the time of 3:18.46. World champion in 2010, Emanuela Breezo, who was on the fifth place on the climbing, thanks to a good slope, took the second place.
The third was the Spaniard, Nuria Dominquez, who has overtaken the Frenchwoman, Corinne Favre during last three kilometers. The Russian sportswoman, Janna Vokueva was in a group of leaders on the climbing, but lost on the way down, eventually finishing on the sixth position.
Spain won the team competition (the best results of three men and one woman in the team), Italy took the second place, and Russia—the third.

The best one of the Russians, Alexey Troshchenko, took the 22th place, Artem Rostovtsev —the  24th, Vitaliy Shkel —the  25th, Andrey Fedorov —the  29th place. The next stage of European Championship is to be held in Spain on November 5.

Russian Bronze at the first stage of the European Championship on sky running


Sky running is a way to travel in the highlands at an altitude of more than two thousand meters above the sea level.

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