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Monday, April 09, 2012

General media partners of EXTREMEX Festival approved

A-ONE Hip-Hop Music TV-Channel to be general TV station of EXTREMEX Festival. Following the rebranding of the TV-Channel in 2011 and renowned producer Alexander Tolmatsky’s accession to the leadership, its audience began quickly gaining momentum. According to Index Plus TV today the average coverage is more than 10 million people. The channel is mainly targeted to cover the field of hip-hop culture, extreme sports and international tourism. In the framework of cooperation, A-ONE TV-Channel to air EXTREMEX Festival’s commercials, announcements and news information. The A-ONE website as well as channel groups in social networks to post exhibition and show program invitations draw games.

Energy FM (NRJ) to be the general radio station. 104,2 FM to air ad units, as well as hold regular drawings of invitations and special prizes from the exhibitors. Interactive discussion of the exhibition and show programs are planned in the framework of the popular morning program Black 2 White. NRJ is one of the most respected radio brands worldwide. Radio stations under the brand NRJ-Energy has successfully broadcast in France, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Bulgaria and other countries. Since 2006, Prof-Media Broadcasting Corporation has been obtained exclusive rights to use the world-famous trademark NRJ-Energy in Russia.

As previously reported, Extreme Sport-Express to be the general Internet portal. And The National Geographic Traveler magazine to be the general printed edition of EXTREMEX project. The organizing committee of the festival continues to accept applications from the core network media for co-operation as Internet partners.

EXTREMEX Festival to be held in Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre from 24th to 27th May 2012. The event is organized by Moskau Messe Exhibition Company. Look for more details on the official site:

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