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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Tverskaya 13, newspaper. The Magic of the Extreme

Source: Tverskaya 13, newspaper.

This year, action took place in several places: inside the exhibition pavilions of Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre and outdoors in the park. The following thematic exhibitions are taking place as a part of the event: Landscape Extreme (extreme on the ground), Water Extreme (extreme on the water), Motor Extreme (equipment for extreme sports), Snow Extreme (extreme in the snow), Air Extreme (extreme in the air), Travel Extreme (adventure tourism), Digital Extreme (photo / video, innovative technologies, computer and video games), Fashion Extreme (clothes and footwear for extreme sports), and Med Extreme (Sports Medicine). The project purpose: is the promotion of extreme sports, leisure and tourism in Russia, the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, and showcasing the achievements of the world of extreme sports industry.

Tournaments on a number of extreme sports are being held within the exhibition. The stars of the world’s extreme sports are performing in the show-program. Master classes for everyone and music concerts are also taking place here.

On the first day of the festival the brightest and the most exciting show ever was held in the park.

A lot of people willing to watch the best freestyle motocross masters of Europe filled the whole Festival Square and also all zones nearby for three hours before the event.

The coolest Russian pro-riders of the FMX13 team (Alexey Kolesnikov, Kirill Gavrilov, Alexey Aisin, Anton Smirnov and foreign guests Hugo Ariazu and Daniel Bodin from Spain and Sweden performed crazy stunts on motorcycles, quad bikes and snowmobiles. One element of the show: a parallel start and a Clicker Flip (backflip) of a motorcycle and a snowmobile plunged the audience into rapturous applause.

Famous hip-hop artists: Slim, Ptakha and Bianca hit the stage during the breaks. DeTsl (Le Truk) was the headliner of the performances, as the audience sang along with the artist’sold hits. A variety of extreme activities: the football freestyle break dance championship of Moscow and performances by freestyle motocross masters were held during the day in Sokolniki Park. An artificial surfing wave, where the first competition will be held on Saturday, was launched in the evening. The roller-skaters’ demonstrative performances and the Dino MC 47 concert will also take place today on a giant ramp at Festival Square.

The second holiday day’s top event was the Climbing Championship of Russia in the bouldering discipline (climbing over boulders). This is one of the most spectacular and emotional type of rock climbing and one of the youngest one; competitions have been held since the end of the 90s. The sportsman’s task is to climb on a five-meter artificial rock with a negative slope without any equipment and safety devices, using only a few ledges. There are only 4 minutes given for everything.

The organizers have prepared four challenging tracks for participants. According to the experts, Muscovite Yana Chereshneva has the best chance to win among the other six girls in the finale.

Yana is a five-time champion of Russia, winner of the World Cup of this year, leader of the world’s season; she came out with a better result in the finale. But the rock, though it is an artificial one, is still an insidious thing. Several of annoying breakdowns did not allow Yana to become one of the three winners. Olga Yakovleva from the Samara region team gained the victory.

“Maybe it was difficult to perform in your homeland, as a leader?’ We asked Yana. ‘I tried not to think about it. I simply had bad luck today,” she says.

So the men are ready to start. Here we are supporting the capital Spider-Man - Arman Ter- Minasyan, holder of the Cup of Russia in 2012, three-time national champion in the all-around competitions. He doesn’t let the fans down: having showed great technique and reasonable risk, he deservedly takes second place. While the first place goes to the only three-time world champion, recognized master of sports: Dmitry Sharafutdinov from the Sverdlovsk region.

The festival of extreme sports continues in Sokolniki. The finale is on Sunday.

Source: Tverskaya 13, newspaper.

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