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Friday, November 01, 2013 Sokolniki in the Thick of the Extreme


From June 12th-16th, 2013, Sokolniki will unleash EXTREMEX Independence, Moscow’s biggest park extreme festival, featuring a freestyle motocross show from Russian and foreign pro-riders, as well as a presentation of the first facilities of a summer extreme-park, such as a rock-climbing wall, an artificial surfing wave, and a wakeboarding push-and-pull winch.

A photo exhibition will be opened during the festival on the main walkway of the park.

The Fountain Square and a lot in front of the Main Flowerbed:
12:00 noon - 08:00 pm - master classes in jumping on the trampoline (June 15)
12:00 noon - 08:00 pm - exposition in tents (June 12-16)

The festival Square:
12:00 noon - 06:00 pm - surfing master-classes (June 14-16)
12:00 noon - 08:00 pm - BMX, skateboarding master-classes (June 15)
Daily: DaVlad Presents promotion group’s DJ performances

June 15th

The new wakeboarding push-and-pull winch presentation at the Putyayevskie ponds (02.00 pm);
Competition among roller-skaters on a giant ramp in the Festival Square (05:00 pm)
Dino MC 47 performance in the Festival Square (06.00 pm).


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