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Monday, June 10, 2013

Annews. Sokolniki Park launches an artificial surfing wave and a rock-climbing wall


The presentation of the new summer extreme-park objects will take place on June 12th in Sokolniki Park, which, as the organizers assure, will become Russia’ biggest Extreme Park .

Now it is not necessary to fly to Bali or Australia to catch a wave. An artificial surfing wave in the open air, a unique facility, will be kicked off for the first time in Moscow. A rock-climbing wall with routes for children and adults will be located nearby.

The extreme-park will also include two skate parks, a wakeboarding club with a push-and-pull winch and a children's Panda Park. The facilities launch dedicated to the opening of the largest park’s extreme festival in Moscow: EXTREMEX Independence.

The festival features: the Russian Climbing Championship by the Climbing Federation of Russia and the Climbing Federation of Moscow; master -classes in surfing by the Surfing Federation of Russia; the freestyle motocross show by the Russia’s most titled pro-rider Alexey Kolesnikov and the FMX13 team; the quad bike freestyle show by Hugo Ariazu, champion of Spain; the snowmobile freestyle show by Daniel Bodin, champion of Sweden; and master -classes in skateboarding, trampolining, football freestyle, and break dance. There will also be a all-Russian hip-hop concert with the participation of Ptakha, Slim, Bianca, Detsl (Le Truk), and others.


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