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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Social Information Agency. The International festival EXTREMEX.Independance opening


EXTREMEX. Independence, international extreme sports festival will unfold in Sokolniki Park on June 12-16, 2013. The festival will shock you with massive show-programme at the Festival Square, featuring skateboard battles, contests in climbing, biking, surfing and break dancing and master-classes. A freestyle motocross show will star at the festival alongside a grand concert featuring legendary hip-hop artists and alternative bands. Moreover, the Festival Square will host a giant divingboard for a high-diving contest (acrobatic 25 metre dives into a swimming pool).

All Sokolniki visitors will be able to attend the festival free of charge. Panda-park, an adventure rope route complex will resume its work near 4 Luchevoi Prosek, largely catering for junior adventurers. Putyayevskie ponds will see a wakeboarding push-and-pull winch erected.

Hours: 12.00-20.30

Address: Sokolnicheskiy val St., 1\1. Entrance is free.


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