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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Russian won the Final of the Cliff Diving World Series

Russian Artem Silchenko won the final of the high-altitude diving World Series. Competitions were held for the first time at the famous Yalta “Swallow’s Nest” and gathered about 15 thousand spectators.
Artem was perfect during all the attempts getting in all three cases practically all the “tens”. This fact is remarkable for two reasons: first and foremost, the final jump was a combination of rotations of the so-called “blind” entering the water. To calculate the ideal trajectory and, consequently, to achieve an ideal entry into the water by jumping from such a solid height into the sea, is a major achievement. Second, the judging panel in Yalta included high-level professionals. Among the most legendary jumpers of our time, was the four-time Olympic champion from the United States, Gregory Louganis; a multiple champion of Italy, Claudio De Miro; a champion of Australia and Austria, Ken Grove.

The next World Series will begin with qualifying contest in Australia next February; the main stages will be held next summer.

Prize Triplet:
  1. Artem Silchenko – 518.30 pts.
  2. Garry Hunt (Great Britain) – 465.75 pts.
  3. Michael Navratil (Czech Republic) – 434.65 pts.

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The Russian won the Final of the Cliff Diving World Series


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