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Friday, August 12, 2011

Adams pretends to win the X-Fighters

In Poland, the penultimate stage of the freestyle motocross tour of Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour, which won the challenger to win, Nate Adams (USA) was finished.

The Spanish rider, Dany Torres comes on the heels of Adams — there is a margin of 40 points between the sportsmen, but Torres will outscore if he successfully performs in Sydney, at the final round on September 17. It is clear Adams, or Torres to win.


Poznan (Poland):
1. Nate Adams (USA)
2. Dany Torres (Spain)
3. Eigo Sato (Japan)

Overall standings after five stages:

1. Nate Adams (USA), 365 points
2. Dany Torres (Spain), 325 points
3. André Villa (Norway), 270 points

Adams pretends to win the X-Fighters

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