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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Street Extreme in Kazan

The next stage of the Snickers UrbaniYa Festival of urban culture has been held in Kazan. The main and the most interesting shows on the ground and street types of extreme sports are the final contests in BMX, skating, aggressive inline skating, and demonstrative show of Moscow's pro-riders. For example, a storm of emotions burst on the Neolimpia court when Anton Evstifeyev performed the most difficult backflip-tailwhip trick.

And thousands of spectators in front of the main stage, in spite of light rain, all day were rooting for their favorites in bit-boxing and freestyle battles.

At the request of tracers, parkour was returned into the event’s territory after a two-year break. The new park, specially designed under the guidance of the Moscow Academy of Parkour, was successfully tested during the contests and shows.

Final results of the Kazan stage:

  1. Yevgeny Malko
  2. Alexey Gladkov
  3. Alexey Shutov
  1. Ruslan Kim
  2. Airat Basharov
  3. Alexander Novosyolov
  • Alexander Yevreisky (acro-street)
  • Dinar Ayupov (speed)
  • Ivan Novosyolov (improvisation)
  • Artem Korsakov (talent)

  1. Karim Shashkarov
  2. Ruslan Gudukhin
  3. Nikita Chinayev

Street Extreme in Kazan

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