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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Quiksilver presents: Russian Wake Team

A world famous company Quiksilver, manufacturer of clothing for extreme sports, has announced a new Russian line-up of its own pro-riders wake tram. Together with the multiple champion of Russia in classic wakeboarding, Nikita Martyanov, and vice-champion of the world in cable wakeboarding, Yura Pashkov, the team now has three new riders — Anton Katorgin, Nikita Terskov and Ilya Iskhnopulou.
Anton Katorgin probably needs no introduction as he is known to the Russian fans of wakeboarding as one of the best Moscow pro-riders. Anton has long lived in Thailand where he had organized his own Wake Club. Thanks to him Russia's wakeboarding enthusiasts got to know about a Thai pro-rider named Lota, who repeatedly came to our country and twice in 2008 and 2010, took second place at the WakeWorld Russia Cup festival in Moscow and Velikiy Novgorod respectively.
Despite his young age, 14-year-old Nikita Terskov from St. Petersburg concedes many professional riders. Four years ago Nikita became the youngest participant of the WakeWorld Russia Cup festival. It was at that festival when the legendary pro-rider Sean Murray recognized Nikita as the most promising young wakeboarder in Russia.
Ilya Iskhnopulou isn’t so known in Moscow, but in southern Russia Juan (it’s his nickname) has authority of the strongest rider. That Ilya has appeared in the team is seen by many as a step towards the active development of wakeboarding not only in Moscow and St. Petersburg but also in the regions.
As for the two pillars of the Quiksilver team, well they do preparings for the upcoming tournaments. Nikita Martyanov is going to Italy for the World Cup, and then in Austria to contest for the top 10 invited pro-riders at the Red Bull Battle of the Boards. In his turn, Yura Pashkov is named for the Rixen jubilee tournament in Munich, where he will compete for prizes with the best wakeboarders in Europe.

Anton Katorgin, Nikita Terskov and Ilya Iskhnopulou


Nikita Martiyanov, Yura Pashkov and Snoop Dogg



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