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Monday, June 20, 2011

Red Fox Adventure Race Jubilee in Karelia

Each year, Red Fox gathers eminent Russian and foreign sportsmen, guides and cyclists, to hold Russia's largest Red Fox Adventure Race. This year (after Sochi in 2010) it was  decided to organize it the race Sortavala and Lahdenpokhia regions of Karelia.
Traditionally, the race consisted of such stages as trekking, mountain bike, kayak, and orienteering stage of fixed ropes. A record number of participants - 232 people from different Russian cities and from around the world participated in the jubilee competition.
An innovation was the format of the race– Rogaine that gave the sportsmen a chance to choose the order of taking the CP (control point). The teams usually linearly move from the beginning to the end of CP, but this year the drivers had to take tactical decisions based on tempo, priority of disciplines, and fatigue. The new format also meant different time classes – 12, 24 and 36 hours.

In the class of "12 hours" Squirrel detachment from the town of Lytkarino (Natalia Baryshnikova, Dmitry Kashin) won the first prize. The second place was taken be the team "" from St. Petersburg – Denis Kuprienko, Gennady Nekrasov.  The team"Get behind, Satan" from St. Petersburg – Marina Sirotinina, Galina Zhukova, Andrey Turow, Eugeniy Lyabin, won the third prize.

In the class of "24 hours" winning teams were featured by a striking union. All of them were from St. Petersburg, and all scored 86 points, so the seats were distributed on an earlier finish. The first was the team "Carabin.Ru-1 SPR" (Sergey Bespalov, Pavel Bashmakov, Natalia Lebedeva, Stanislav Aksalin). The second place went to the team "100h24" –Sergey Apatenko, Igor Osipov, Diana Salikhova. The third place received "Red Fox SPB" – Ivan Kononov, Eugeniy Ivanov, Sergey Grushin.

In the most prestigious class of "36 hours" team "Red Fox", the best multisportsmen of 2010, Igor Klepcha and Irina Safronova won. The "Young fighter" - Yury Borodulin, Alexander Sokolov, Ilya Stroganov, Vladimir Levchenko, took the second place. And the third place received "GORE Tex team of joy and happiness" - Pavel Demeschik (Moscow) and Alexander Eduardov (St. Petersburg).

Red Fox Adventure Race is a multisport race in which participants test their strength. In 2010 it was named the Best race of the year by a vote on the site X-Race. In 2008, it won in two categories - Best Race and The most difficult race, and in 2009 it was recognized as the toughest race.

Race director, Konstantin Beketov: "Every year we try to experiment. We always choose new locations for the race, focusing on the uniqueness and beauty of the nature of the relief. This year we have tried a new format, which has long been accepted in international multisport. We are to continue our experiments next year and hope that once again pleasantly surprise the participants of the race. "

Red Fox Adventure Race Jubilee in Karelia


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