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Monday, May 30, 2011

Russia became European Champion in windsurfing

European Team Racing Championship has been finished in the Italian town of Mondello (Sicily). The competition was attended by Russian junior national team that became European champion in windsurfing in the class of T293.

We know the team very well: Andrey Zagainov (Anapa), Stephania Elfutina (Yeisk) and Eugeniy Aivazyan (Sochi). And, of course, a successful coach from Anapa , Mikhail Dubin. As you can see, all the sportsmen are from the magic triangle: Anapa - Yeisk - Sochi. They are the places where the sailing talents meet each other most often.

The Competition in the European Championship expected to be beyond a joke. Only three sportsmen arrived from our country to the competition, and all other countries brought two teams who have been preparing and progressing all the season. It means that Britain, Spain, Italy and Israel had two chances, but we - the only one.
In Moscow, the guys took a full medical examination in the main sports clinic - fortunately, no anomalies were found. Then the flight, train, training ... And the race began.
At first, victory after victory. Gave the dust to the first Spanish team ... The second team... First British team, and already with a margin of just one point - the second British team. Beauty.
But beyond the fight against opponents who know how to win. In the semi-finals we lost to the first Italian national youth team. Italians are at home, it's their own sport, and they grew up here - the nuances of the local area, it is their strongest point. At the end of the first lap the Italians won again.

The second round is ours. And now the final and the last race. Whoever wins it will be the champion of Europe! Italians are at home and they are supported by native wildlife and the house and the entire population. We are abroad, but we are supported by Mikhail Dubin sitting forlornly on the boat. And everybody should play their tactical game. What can I say, something  has changed in the guys, and they played flawlessly. The victory is ours! We are the champions of Europe in windsurfing!

European Team Racing Championship


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