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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Can-Am Trophy Russia - 2011. Mountain Stage

The first stage of Can-Am Trophy Russia – 2011, took place in the Chelyabinsk region on May 27-29. 66 participants from Yekaterinburg, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan and Penza toed to the starting line.

The main highlight of starts was a mountainous area where the track was laid. It consisted of three linear special roads (SR): the first two, measuring about 130 km – for the first day, and the third road with the length of 50 km – for the second competition day.
Athletic competition at the first stage of the Trophy was held in four classes. SSV-open and ATV-open were attended by 20 sportsmen. There were some newcomers, and participants who already toed to the starting line of Can-Am Trophy Russia last year. But the unexpected happened: the first in SSV-open once again became Sergey Zhulyabin and Anton Berdnikov from Penza, among drivers of quad bikes of ATV-open — Anton Vlasyuk and Denis Larikhin (Yekaterinburg).
But this does not mean that the victory came to them easily! The main contenders of Penza drivers, Pavel Grinkov - Dmitry Makarov, Araik Apoyan - Roman Alshin breathed down sportsmen’s necks on all the special roads and made a good competition. The best time of ATV-open showed Oleg Mareev and Andrey Mironchik from St. Petersburg, but missed out on the first and third special road on one control point, they became only the third. A good result achieved Yekaterinburg riders, Denis Mikheev and Maksim Mustaev who won the second place.
In ATV-original (standard quad bikes with a minimum level of training) 18 participants competed. The best were the guests from Penza, Nikolay Novikov and Vadim Kuvshinov who in the difficult struggle gave the dust to the crews of Victor Pomogaev - Vitaliy Belobrov (Perm), and Mikhail Eremin – Alexey Mezentsev (Yekaterinburg), who have taken up to the second and third places.

A new class of standard ATVs SSV-original was attended by four crews, all of them were new comers to quad-competition. The first place was taken by Aidar Madiarov and Lenar Sagdeev (Kazan).

With regard to informal adventure set-off, on the first stage the palm of winner, of course, belongs to Moscow crew, Denis Vlasov - Ivan Rumyantsev. Sportsmen were at a good pace on the first special road, were even among the leaders in their group, but ... Overrating  the amount of gasoline, the crew was in the so-called tipping point when forward or back was equally far. To the base camp they returned at dawn on May 29, breaking the foot of about 15 kilometers.

The second phase of Can-Am Trophy Russia -2011 will be held on August 5-7, in Kazan. Details of events, pictures and videos are posted on the official site

Can-Am Trophy Russia — 2011


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