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Friday, June 03, 2011

Moscow Skate Tour on Red Square

One of the stages of Moscow Skate Tour-2011 on skateboarding was held on Red Square for the first time. A lot of various events were promised on May 28 in the heart of Moscow! On their background the second stage of Moscow Skate Tour-2011 could easily get lost, but it did not happen.

At this time skate park was located not just anywhere but right on Red Square, between GUM Department Store and Lenin's mausoleum. Not every day you can ride along the most famous square in Russia. Historical stage of Moscow Skate Tour in the historical place.

Because skateboarders have known Moscow Skate Tour skate park for a long time, the basic tricks are not enough to win. Top places are for those who can demonstrate something really complicated and unusual. New tricks on the old equipment are doubly valuable.
Lesha Blazhenkov, not rising on a pedestal for a long time, took the third place. The main tricks in his program were flip bs boardslide on a straight side of the rail and flip bs 50-50 on a block. Roma Alimov, adding to his piggy bank experience in European competitions took the second place. Roma unmistakably skated 55 seconds of the minute attempt and only at the last moment couldn’t perform nollie big spin nosepick.

Gosha Konyshev became the winner of the event. He appeared on the site just a few minutes before the competition. Each of the attempts he began from ollie on fanbox (do not mix up with ollie transfer on fanbox), and then simply exploded the radii and rails. Bs 360 transfer became the finish line.

The Contest was ended on time. Frontiersmen’s pleasure on the occasion of their professional holiday began to overflow, and by the final of the contest some border guards have already started to rush straight to the site. Leaving them alone with their holiday skaters slowly drifted apart.

Moscow Skate Tour on Red Square


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