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Monday, May 21, 2012

Photo show at EXTREMEX Festival

From 24 to 27 May 2012, two photo shows to take place within EXTREMEX Festival: an exhibition of photo-scenery «The Himalayas. Tibet» and exhibition of the renowned extreme photographer, Crystal Wright.

"The Himalayas. Tibet"

Photos of the world’s highest mountain range have been gathered over 10 expedition years by a team of professional photographers. The Himalayas is one of the most mysterious and beautiful places on the earth. Celebrated in art and literature, they attract thousands of people with their beauty. Exhibition "The Himalayas. Tibet" gives all those interested an opportunity to touch the mystery of these beautiful and unique mountains. Exhibition "The Himalayas. Tibet" is a large-scale photo show, which includes 101 works, revealing to the visitor the beautiful mountains in their pristine beauty. Copyright photo-scenery of the Himalayan expeditions and 15 panoramas over 3 meters long will allow the visitor to touch the tops of the world puzzle, to see the Himalayas, though having been there.

The exhibition will display a unique panorama from the summit of Mount Everest, "Lakpa Ri" (7,500 m). This "portrait" of Mount Everest was first made. To create the most realistic photo-scenery was necessary to develop a special mountain photography technology allowing transmitting the beauty and the specifics of the mountain peaks of the Himalayas.

Exhibition "The Himalayas. Tibet" was the result of collaboration between international public organization "Center for Spiritual Culture" and a photo agency "AgniFoto" (Samara) within a project to study the spiritual and the natural heritage of mankind.

Photo show "The Himalayas. Tibet" already succeeded in Nizhny Novgorod, Cheboksary and Ulyanovsk, now it will meet the Muscovites. Look for more detailed information about the exhibition on

"The Himalayas. Tibet"

Crystal Wright

Do you want to fly over Pakistan's Karakoram mountain ranges at an altitude of five and a half thousand miles away? Become a member of one of the eleven teams of the World Cup Polo on elephants in Nepal? Swim in the ten-meter ocean waves? Try on a whole range of practical extreme emotions and do it all without risk to life? Then you just look at the works by Crystal Wright, an extreme sports photographer.

Crystal Wright’s career began at home in Australia, and then Crystal moved from China to Queenstown in New Zealand. But how did she manage to participate actively in the events and make fascinating images, without succumbing to the hypnotic moments of the jump, flight, or any other extreme realization of the ideas?

First of all, it is thorough preparation. Before shooting new sport, Crystal Wright prefers to be engaged in it, and then she discusses the upcoming shoot with athletes to anticipate in advance what point will be the best. Moreover, the very limited time does not allow her to relax and Wright should always be ready to press the shutter of her camera. Undoubtedly, Crystal Wright faces significant tests, whether it may be uphill in a snowstorm, possibility of being stranded on the reefs during the ocean dives, accommodation in tents in the jungle with malaria-transmitting mosquitoes surrounded by leeches, or risk getting lost in the desert. So in China, she chose to lose two front teeth, rather than to break the camera, when she dropped into a ditch while biking in the mountains.

12 works by Crystal to be displayed at EXTREMEX on May 24-27. It should be noted that Crystal Wright to be invited as a speaker to the International photo festival "Photographer’s Day – 2012" which will also be held in Sokolniki on July 14-15. For more details please visit the following sites: and

Crystal Wright

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