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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Russian climbers make a move to Germany for the Salewa Rockshow grand final

International climbing project Salewa Rockshow has finally come to Russia! The qualifying rounds were held in April both in Moscow and Sochi. Other member countries were holding their qualifying rounds at the same time. The final part passing on a single global schedule began on May 16, in Moscow.

The winners of climbing walls’ rounds get in the regional finals, which take place on natural terrain. Final of the Moscow stage was hold on the Vorgol, the Sochi final — on the Eagles Rocks not far from Hosta. A distinctive feature of the Salewa Rockshow final is its “chamber” atmosphere: a mini-festival for the winners and special guests. All the Russian part of the Salewa AlpineXtrem team came to us: Anya Gallyamova, Marina Kopteva, Rustam Gelmanov. Foreign part of the team was presented by Florian Riegler and Michi Wohlleben. Flo Murnig was filming a movie about us, and Claudia Ziegler was taking pictures.

Boys-finalists were to meet 8a and 8a + on the Vorgol in Sochi, where the last one, under the symbolic title “Feast of the spirit”, no one could pass before! An easier task, 7b and 7c, was prepared for the girls.

Under the rules of the rock show, as a result of the festival day the strongest one must be identified — the hero of the day, that is to reach the grand final. But it was more difficult than expected: Russian finalists turned to be the strongest, and they were dropping the gloves as for the World Cup! Therefore, in Salewa Rockshow best practice there were few winners: on the Vorgol —Masha Agafonova, and Arman Ter-Minasyan, who received the prize certificates and vouchers to the super final to Germany.

At the Sochi stage the prize was divided into two parts: Alena Koliverdova got a certificate, and Yury Takzhanov will go to Germany. Another distinguished Mitya Sarapaev, performed at the Vorgolsk stage, and participated out of the competition in Sochi. It was exactly him who opened the “Feast of the spirit” 8a +.

Salewa Rockshow World Tour continues. We will be cheering for our team in the grand final on July 14-17. Forward, Russia!

Russian climbers make a move to Germany for the Salewa Rockshow grand final

Text: Georgiy Nistratov

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